How-to: Create Cloud Lamps for your Nursery


Let’s face it – decorating the nursery is more for us than the baby (is he/she really going to notice anyway?) but it’s just so fun AND it is said that it helps us prepare for our new bundle of joy’s arrival. So, put on your nesting face because we’re going to create some super fun clouds for a soft glow in your next nursery or kid’s room!

First, I will say this really isn’t that difficult, however it does take a little finesse and some kid-free space for an hour or so. Trust, me… every kid on the planet just can’t WAIT to rip open that bag of fluff and spread it everywhere, eat it, put it on their pets, etc. So, keeping it out of reach is probably your best bet. Your welcome.


Okay. To start, you’re going to need some supplies. Most can be found at your local craft store, but who has the time (or patience)? So, here are some links to get everything you need from Amazon and it is EXACTLY what I used (and if you have Prime = free shipping, most are cheaper than at JoAnns anyway).

  1. Paper Lanterns (I would get 2 of these so you can mix and match sizes – you may have some leftover but they’re great by themselves for party decorations, too!)
  2. Poly-fil Stuffing or Fluff (I would get 2 or 3 for the amount of clouds that I did)
  3. Hot glue gun and LOTS of hot glue sticks (I mean it, like… a LOT)
  4. LED “fairy” lights (they don’t emit heat so they’re safer than regular clear Christmas lights)

Click here for battery operated and work via remote control (if you don’t want wires from lamp to lamp and/or from lamp to a power source). It’s also a 3 pack (or you can purchase singles or a 6 pack) so you can make at least 3 clouds.

Click here if you’d rather plug them in (say, you have a bookcase that will hide the cord and you want to just be able to turn them on with a switch)- then these are your best best. They’re super long, so you’ll get lots of light and/or lots of clouds:

  1. Command Strips and/or Fishing Line

To put the clouds up in your nursery, you can either attach them to the wall (like I did) or hang them from the ceiling.

  • Command strips are a great way to attach to a wall without creating holes or other damage (and it’s easier to move them around while you’re trying to figure out the best configuration).

I used these two versions:

Small Hooks

Large Hooks

  • The fishing line will also need something to attach to (again, command strips could work, but these are probably better for the job) OR you could screw in a hook like this one. **NOTE – your paper lanterns will come with some fishing line included, but it may not be strong enough to hold a bigger cloud and/or may not be long enough to hang them as low as you’d like. You can always see how much they provide first though and then decide!**


Step 1: PREP

– Assemble your paper lanterns with the supplies provided

– Heat up your hot glue gun and have plenty of extra sticks nearby. I found that the hottest setting worked the best/easiest, but BE CAREFUL – it is HOT and not entirely pleasant to accidentally get on your fingers. I would also suggest having a paper plate or piece of cardboard to place it on when not in use as the glue tends to drip.

– Open up your bag(s) of fluff and have it easily accessible

– Open your fairy lights and put any batteries that you need in them. Make sure they work!


– Decide how many clouds you would like and how big or what shape you’d like them to be. I used:

  • Largest cloud = 1 – 9.5″ lantern, 1 – 8″ lantern, and 1 – 6″ lantern with the largest lantern in the middle
  • Medium cloud = 1 – 8″ lantern and 1 – 6″ lantern
  • Small cloud = 1 – 8″ lantern

– Glue the lamps together, making sure that the top/bottom openings are lined up in the same direction. Use PLENTY of glue and hold them together for a good amount of time (BE CAREFUL if reaching inside to try and push them together better – the glue is VERY hot in the beginning). Make sure the glue has set before moving to the next step (usually about 5 minutes or so).


– Now, the “fun” part. You’re just going to put a crap-ton of glue on a small-ish section of the lanterns, to cover as much area as you can without the glue drying, and then grab a handful of fluff and stick it on (again, be CAREFUL that you don’t push down too far because that glue is HOT). There’s really no rhyme or reason to this part, you just don’t want to make it TOO thick, otherwise it may be too heavy and droop down or fall off. You’ll figure it out, and you can always rip it off and re-glue as needed. Keep going until your entire cloud is covered.

– For the bottom hole = use a big/long enough piece to cover over the hole and glue to the other side. Only completely cover one hole so you can put your lights in and attach with the other hole.

– Check your work. After you initially glue all the fluff on, you’re going to find “holes” or places where the fluff isn’t sticking as well as you’d like. Totally normal. Just gently lift the edges that aren’t gluing down, and, you guessed it, put a bunch more glue in there and stick it back down. Just try to lift it enough so you don’t see your glue disaster from the outside.

– Once it all seems pretty secure, cooled, and set, you’re just going to fluff your fluff by moving it around gently until it looks pretty uniform and/or cloud-like and there aren’t any major holes or super thick spots.

Step 4: LIGHT ‘EM UP

– Using your LED fairy lights, unravel or stretch them out slightly so you can somewhat evenly distribute them into each lantern. Put the lights into the top hole (the one that you didn’t completely cover up) and then string a small section to the next lantern to put lights into it, too (try to hide this connection by pushing it down into the fluff a bit), until you have lights in all the lanterns for that cloud. The battery pack (for the non-plug in version) will remain on the outside and either hook to the lantern’s wire or hang by it’s own command strip. If you chose to plug them in, make sure you either have enough room to reach your outlet or a secured extension cord that isn’t anywhere it can become a choking hazard.

Step 5: HANG ‘EM UP

– Using command strips, I simply started with the biggest part of the cloud, or the center, and hooked into the wire part of the lantern with my command strip ready and sticky, and then just pushed and held wherever I thought it should go. Then, I did the same for any other sections so that each lantern had it’s own command strip holding it up (I didn’t 100% trust that the glue would hold ALL the sections up with just one section connected to the wall). I also used a separate command strip hook somewhere behind the cloud and hung the battery pack onto it separately, just to ensure it wouldn’t fall through, or something. **The remote should work through the cloud to turn it on and off, but make sure to test it so you can place it in the optimum spot**

– As mentioned before, if you’d rather have clouds floating throughout your room vs. on the wall… you can either use a command hook like these or a ceiling hook like these and then attach with fishing line!


Admire your beautiful work. You’re so crafty. I knew you could do it. 😉

**Additional Notes**

– If you want to be really fancy, you could hang ribbons, crystals, or string some of the lights through the bottom for a sort of “rain” effect coming out of your clouds.

– Each light set will come with it’s own remote (if you purchase the ones from the link) but one remote will work for all 3 – you may just have to point it at each cloud directly as they might not all come on at the same time, especially if they’re spaced far apart. My advise, keep the extra remotes. Kids LOVE remotes and you’re bound to lose one… or two.


  1. Again, I advise only using LED lights for these clouds as other lights may produce heat and could cause a fire hazard.
  2. PLACE OUT OF REACH. NEVER place anything with cords somewhere that a child could reach them or pull them into their crib. They could get tangled and strangle to death.

**DISCLAIMER – This DIY is for novice instructional purposes only and should only be used as information by capable adults. The end result may vary and the end user assumes all responsibility for any fire, fall, trip, choke, or other hazards**

Why It’s Okay To Feed Your Baby Formula

As the entire uncivilized world, and now most of the civilized world, knows, breast feeding and breast milk are some of the best things for your baby. It provides health benefits for both mom and baby, financial benefits (it’s free, people!), and incomparable bonding. However, what do you do when the milk runs dry or you’re not producing enough? If your baby won’t latch? Or you have to go back to work and pumping just isn’t an option?

Forumla Fed (Text Insert) 1.1First, take a deep breath, understand that you’re not a failure or less of a woman or mother, and forgive yourself. It’s okay – this is more common than you probably realize, mostly because women don’t usually go around talking about their breastfeeding journeys (at least, I never heard one until AFTER I was having issues).

In fact, you may be surprised to learn that you, a sibling, or a friend wasn’t breast-fed! At all! What?! For shame!! No, it just wasn’t popular, “normal,” or as highly recommended years ago as it is now. I was SHOCKED to learn that my mom only breast fed my sister and I for a short while, and my mother-in-law had 3 entirely different journeys with each of her children (including breastfeeding for 1 month with one child, 9 months with another, and not at all with another!), and they’re all perfectly healthy, intelligent, and highly functioning members of society! WHAT?! So, no, feeding your baby formula won’t scar your child for life… at least, I haven’t seen any research on that.

Forumla Fed (Text Insert) 2.1

Second, you may feel bombarded by the breastfeeding Nazis of the world – it gets pushed from every angle. All the books, the hospitals, the videos, the support groups, and everything else! I’m not bashing these people as research clearly shows that breast milk is amazing for your baby. But, you know what is even more amazing for your baby? Eating. Growing. Or, otherwise surviving, and if it takes formula to get her there, then there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and NOTHING to be ashamed of. So, STOP IT non-boob shamers. Sometimes moms just have to make the hard decisions, so do what YOU think is best for YOUR baby.

Forumla Fed (Text Insert) 3.1


Here is my journey:

20160711_161635To start, I was worried that I wouldn’t even be able to breast feed due to a breast augmentation surgery that I had when I was 18… in South America. Yeah, decision making wasn’t my strong suite then, but I had almost zero breast tissue before and I wasn’t 100% sure how the surgery was even performed so… it was kind of a crap shoot on whether breast feeding would be a possibility for me.

So, I went in with an open mind and open heart about what would happen, and every day that I was able to breast feed, I was grateful. I even took the proper steps and had a breast feeding consultant come in literally minutes after my son was born to make sure I was doing everything to the best of my ability. I had follow up appointments to ensure everything was going well for weeks after, too.


But, it only took about 3 days to realize that I just wasn’t producing enough for my son. Despite my “whatever happens is fine” attitude before the baby arrived, once I realized I couldn’t give him what he needed, I was devastated. We ended up calling the hospital because my son just wouldn’t stop crying, and though the pediatrician had given me some formula, just in case, I was almost ashamed or afraid to give it to him. The nurse, however, assured us that formula was better than starving to death (good point) and to give it a try… he was immediately pacified and slept for 3 hours straight (which for a newborn, you know if you have one, is a LOT! Especially at night)!

The next day we had an appointment with the breastfeeding consultant and I was terrified to tell her what I had done. Again, I had fallen victim to the breastfeeding shamers – I felt like I HAD to exclusively breast feed or I was purposely putting my son in danger or something. Luckily, our consultant was amazing and reassured me that my son was getting all of the essentials from the breast milk I was providing (no matter how little) and formula is just to get him the fluids and calories he needed. *Sigh,* thank goodness! I felt so much better. She hooked me up with a Supplemental Nursing System (SNS) and I was able to breast feed my son, only using the bottle occasionally.


I had plans to keep going for at least 6 months, but my son was diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie… a what-a-what-now? Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first heard it too. It’s not life threatening, but it can cause some issues so we decided to have it corrected, which involved laser surgery on the underneath side of his tongue. Long story short, he wasn’t too keen on sucking hard from my breast any more and decided the lazier bottle option was preferred (how could I blame him?). Thus, my breastfeeding journey ended after a little over 2 months. Sadness.

It was definitely heartbreaking that my baby wouldn’t be getting all of the great benefits of breast milk any more, but luckily I had a great support system and I knew that I was doing what was best for my particular situation. Plus, I’m happy to report: my son is now 6 months old, he’s growing like crazy and is already in 9-12 month clothes, he has been hitting all of his milestones with no problems, has been sleeping through the night for months, and he’s about he happiest baby you’d ever meet!

Bottom line, don’t be ashamed of your journey, whatever it is. You have to do what is best for you and your baby and everyone’s situation is different. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, make you feel ashamed, afraid, or like less of a woman or mom. It’s a tough job, and there are LOTS of hard decisions ahead, but you’re doing great, momma! Keep up the good work!

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**The articles and information on this website are based on personal experiences only and are not intended to be medical advise. Contact your doctor for the most accurate information and advise for you and your baby**

Life Skill To Have – Sewing on a Button

Lifeskill alert! Sewing is not just for the pioneer days, ladies; it’s an awesome skill to have – especially with young children, and even husbands, running around! Being able to put in a few stitches here and there can save you a lot of time and money in the long run, AND it makes you look like a BOSS because, sadly, not many people do it these days. So, start with some hand sewing when that button falls off your hubby’s shirt or your toddler’s pants and show ‘em what you’re made of!

First, you’re going to need a few items.

  1. The clothing item and buttons!

If you have the button that fell off or the spare button… (HINT – if it’s a dress shirt, there is usually a spare button sewn into the inside of the shirt, either on the back side of the button panel OR on the laundering tag – usually on the inside at rib level. What?! Who knew?) …found it? Then obviously you’ll use this option.

If you DON’T have the button that fell off – it’s lost in space somewhere never to be found again, or, God forbid, it has been ingested by a person or creature, then you may have to go to your local craft store and buy some replacement ones that look similar or compliment the garment. IMPORTANT – make sure the new buttons are roughly the same size. Otherwise, they won’t fit through the button hole. If they’re not going through a button hole, because they’re decorative rather than functional, then you can play around with size and shape. ALSO, if you can’t find an exact match, you will have to replace ALL the buttons, so buy enough for all of them, not just the one you’re replacing.

  1. Sewing Needles and Straight Pins

If you’ve never sewn before, you may be surprised to know there is a BIG difference between needles and pins.

A needle – is what you use to sew. It has an “eye” that you pass the thread through and can be various lengths and even different shapes for different uses. You just need a straight, medium length needle for sewing on a button, but it’s good to have options (and they’re easy to lose), so a sewing needles combo pack like this one is wise to buy. Plus, they’re relatively cheap and I don’t think you can just buy one needle by itself anyway.

A pin – is what is commonly referred to as a “straight pin” and is usually used to hold two pieces of a garment together for sewing. You can get normal ones with little silver heads on the end, but they’re small, harder to see, and can easily be lost if dropped (not good for little toes, ouch!) so I recommend ones with colorful heads on the end like these. These particular ones also have glass heads (the ball part) so you can iron or press over them without melting them on your shirt (this may come in handy later when doing more advanced sewing).

You only need one needle and one pin for sewing on a button, but having multiples is a good idea, and a cute pincushion like this one can also be a fun way to keep track of them! Want the more traditional tomato cushion? here is one that comes WITH the pins! Perfect!

TIP – I use a pin in my video, BUT if you really don’t think you’ll ever use the pins later, you can always just use another sewing needle in it’s place OR a toothpick in a pinch.

  1. Thread

Now, you just need the thread to hold it all together! Again, you can go to your local craft store, and I actually recommend doing this instead of ordering online. Why? Because unless you’re using white thread like this or black thread like this, you’re going to need to take the garment with you and match the color thread. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to have white and black all-purpose thread in the house, so those two are good options.


Now you’re all ready to sew that button! Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated, and you can’t screw it up too bad. Here is a quick step-by-step video that you can follow.



Have more than one button to sew on? OR did you have to buy all new replacement buttons? Remove the buttons one at a time – that way you don’t forget the spacing of where to put the button back on! To remove, there may be a loose thread that you can just pull and it will come off OR you may have to very carefully pull the button up a little bit and clip the threads underneath to release it. DON’T clip the fabric! Then, just repeat the process until all of them are sewn back on! Good luck!!


Have questions, comments, suggestions, or other skills you want to learn? Comment below or email us!

5 Minute Make-up to Make You Feel Like a Human Again

 Okay, if you’re like me, make-up is just a part of your normal every day routine. Without it, you feel like you haven’t fully got ready for the day, like you’re not even 100% awake, amirite?!

Regardless, even if you’re not a huge make-up person, I personally find it to be amazing how much better it can make you feel, even energize you, when you look and feel a little bit better. YOU’RE WORTH IT! So, take just 5 minutes for yourself every day and follow this quick, easy guide for make-up that is just enough to make you feel like a human again (and not cringe when you look in the mirror – undereye circles anyone?)

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Greatest Invention Ever! Diaper Dékor – Diaper Pail

Ahhh, I love the smell of dirty diaper in the morning, said no one, ever. That’s why anyone who has a baby knows, you absolutely need a receptacle to put those tiny smell bombs in that contain and trap any odors. Now, when it comes to diaper pails, there are quite a few options out there and it can become confusing as to which is better, less expensive now but more expensive over time, cuter, holds the smell in better, more compact, holds more diapers… the list is seemingly endless! Well, I personally think that the Diaper Dekor is the greatest invention ever when it comes to diaper pails for the following reasons:

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6 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed in the Nursery

Having a baby is super awesome, but I bet if you have one, or are having one soon, you never in a million years thought there could be so much stuff involved. Well, here’s a few more things you can put on your tab that probably isn’t on the cute little checklist they give you at the store when you register. Why? Because store people apparently don’t spend a lot of time in a nursery with babies OR they don’t sell these things at their store.

Then you might be like, “But why didn’t my amazing girlfriends or mom tell me about this stuff then?” Well, there’s this thing called ‘mommy brain’ where you do things in the middle of the night on little to no sleep and you think to yourself, “This is the best thing ever! Why doesn’t everyone know about this?!” and then you either fall asleep and forget OR continue doing it like everyone MUST know this and you’re not going to act like you’re the first one to invent it. You’re probably right, BUT I’m going to take a chance anyway because I definitely learned these things on the go and they have also definitely been game changers. So, here are 6 things you didn’t know you needed in the nursery – until you had a baby.

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