Greatest Invention Ever! Diaper Dékor – Diaper Pail

Ahhh, I love the smell of dirty diaper in the morning, said no one, ever. That’s why anyone who has a baby knows, you absolutely need a receptacle to put those tiny smell bombs in that contain and trap any odors. Now, when it comes to diaper pails, there are quite a few options out there and it can become confusing as to which is better, less expensive now but more expensive over time, cuter, holds the smell in better, more compact, holds more diapers… the list is seemingly endless! Well, I personally think that the Diaper Dekor is the greatest invention ever when it comes to diaper pails for the following reasons:

(Photo Source: Pinterest)
(Photo Source: Pinterest)

#1 – Functionality

When I registered for a diaper pail, I actually registered for the Ubbi – which also has a good variety of styles and is pretty cute. I have one, and it’s a good diaper pail for holding in the odor (which is probably your first priority, and if it isn’t… just wait, it will be). However, the opening and closing of the hatch to put the diaper in proved a little cumbersome, especially when holding one hand over your baby (because you know as soon as you walk away they’ll magically roll off the table, even though they can’t roll yet), and the other hand has the dirty diaper.

But wait, then how do you open the hatch? Exactly.

The Diaper Dekor, conversely, has a handy little foot pedal that springs the opening up so you can conveniently place your baby’s tiny attachable commode into the pail, hands free! How does it keep the smell in you might wonder? Well, it has a secondary flap underneath that you simply push down as you put the diaper in (this can also be locked if you have curious little ones that for some reason like diaper diving). Ta da!

(Photo Source: Pinterest)
(Photo Source: Pinterest)

#2 – Versatility

The Diaper Dekor comes in 3 different sizes and several different colors that are sure to fit any room and décor (pun intended).

  • MINI : Perfect for smaller spaces, multiple diaper pails in the house, OR if you want to change the bag more often to thwart any aforementioned diaper diving or other issues (holds up to 25 newborn diapers). This is a wonderful grandparents option too – I actually purchased this one for my mother-in-law since she won’t have quite as many diapers at a time while watching our little one for a few hours. That way, she can empty it without issue, and it’s easily hidden or stored away.
    • CLASSIC : This is a great middle of the road option if you just don’t have the space, or if you’re planning on having one upstairs and one downstairs (it holds up to 40 newborn diapers).
  • PLUS : This size is especially good if you have multiple children that are in diapers, only have one diaper pail for the whole house, or just want more space before having to change the bag, because… it holds more diapers at a time (up to 60 newborn diapers)!
(Photo source:
(Photo source:

#3 Convenience

This diaper pail comes with it’s own bag system that reminds me of a magic trick – but, seriously, it’s like when the magician pulls the scarves out of his sleeve or mouth and they just keep going and going… it’s awesome. The bags are actually just one continuous tube of plastic that you can cut and tie off at any point making them literally ANY SIZE YOU WANT!! So, if it’s trash day, but your pail is only half full, you can just cut it off a little shorter and voila! You can still take it out without wasting a whole bag! Pretty sweet. Plus, it comes with a little safety cutting device inside the door and you just tie a knot to form the new bag, so no tools required!

Also, there’s no re-loading of the bags for quite some time – weeks even! So, you don’t have to go get another bag, open it, put it in the pail and make sure it’s in there perfectly so it doesn’t slip down when pushing the diapers in, etc. The changing of the bag always seems to happen when you just don’t have time for it too (screaming kid, anyone?) Yes, this does mean that you must buy their bag system, but I feel like it’s worth it for the convenience factor; it’s just ALWAYS in there and reloaded which means time saved which means a possible shred of your sanity saved. Yep, worth it.

Plus, their regular refills are made from 20% recycled materials, they have biodegradable options that break down quicker for Plus, Classic, or Mini (the classic size fits both classic and mini), OR a Cloth Diaper Liner AND you can have them delivered right to your door through Amazon by clicking on any of the links! Woo hoo! Happy dance!


Overall, I’d give the Diaper Dekor a 9 out of 10 on my “Greatest Invention Ever” scale. It’s cute, convenient, and easy to use. BOOM! One less thing to worry about!

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